Welcome to my On-line Resume/Portfolio

My name is Richard Rodriguez.  I am a 3D artist/programmer. This type of flexibility is my strongest point, being both a creative programmer, and a technical graphics person. Novel approaches to problems, have always lead me to lead positions, as well as happy clients. When asked which I do best, it's hard to answer, since I truly have worked doing both professionally.
In the programming world, I've worked in Java, C++, Javascript, and HTML doing many different types of things. Ranging from setting up interactive web pages, and resolving browser related issues, all the way up to, complex threaded applications, and multi-tier data modeling.
In the graphic world, I've worked on things ranging from webpage layout, image editing, and video presentations, to 2D video/image effects and, 3D modeling and animation of low-polygon models, as well as NURBS models.

Technical programs and languages that I use include Java, HTML/DHTML, C++ programming packages, various scripting Languages and API's, including Java Script, PHP 4, TrueSpace 5.0 API, and ZBrush scripting language.
My most frequently used programs are: code editors, Flash MX, Dreamweaver 4, Borland C++ Builder 4, 3DS Max 5, TrueSpace 6, Corel Draw 10, After Effects 5 and PhotoShop 7.   I'm very familiar with various other graphic packages, which include morphing programs, video editing programs, and other 2D/3D programs.  

My favorite type of work, is projects that involves both programming and creative design of some sort.  I like to build GUI's to simplify tasks or create new functionality.   I also like to build 3D models that are complex in shape and design, including a 3D Nurbs model of a Tiger Toy's product, and various models which can animate.  
My true love is video games, and although I've never had a job in the game industry, my skills and job picks have been geared work in various aspects of game construction.
Skills like:
3D modeling and animation, web presentation, GUI interfaces, graphical code work, multi-tier / multi-threaded applications, data modelling, and exposure to motion caputre.

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